Affiliate Program

Whether you own high traffic websites (promoted websites, forums, blogs, etc.) or you are just our client, we suggest earning money with us. You can affiliate to our partner’s program in several ways. The easiest way is a referral link. To get referral link you need to register. Share your experience of working with us and tell about our service by placing the referral link on other websites. Visitors who comes from your referral link will become your referrals automatically and you will gain income of 10 percent on their activity. You will get an access to a full statistics after you register and start advertising.

The referral link will be available after sign up.

The second way is not easy but more interesting. Use our API to create your own exchange site, place the Referral ID when you create Order and you will get up to 10% from that exchange. More info at API Page.

More exchanges - more profit!

LevelGain on exchangesRequired earnings
Start3%0 BTC
Basic5%0.125 BTC
Medium7%0.25 BTC
Premium10%0.5 BTC