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The CoinReform API is perfect for any website that wants to use CoinReform's technology for exchanging coins quickly and with profitable rate.
The CoinReform API gives software developers full power of CoinReform's coin conversion technology to implement on platforms of their choice. The API is particularly useful for sites that want functionalities above and beyond converting altcoins to Bitcoins.
No. The limit depends on availability of the withdrawal coin.
Our service is not associated with online exchangers. You will receive your funds immediately after a few confirmations on the blockchain.
No. Since we don’t hold customers funds at all. There is no registration at the CoinReform by design.
You risk nothing. That's why. We don't hold customers funds. We don't ask any personal details. There is no need to register on our website.
Usually it takes from 5 seconds up to 20 minutes, depending on block confirmation in the blockchain network.
CoinReform runs multiple servers in many countries for security reasons, none of our servers are hosted in the US.
The main protection is that we don't take any data from you so there is no personal info that can be stolen in the event of a hack or other compromise, so the only things logged on the server are the link between addresses (the conduit, the system needs that to work) and standard IP logging.
When you specify your refund address, system will automatically refund full amount you sent minus the miner fee. If you sent amount less than miner fee, order will be marked as incomplete - there is no way to get refund.

Transaction Status

  • new - transaction just created and waits for deposit
  • paid - deposit received, but system waits for confirmations
  • completed - money sent to withdrawal address
  • expired - no deposit in 10 minutes
  • below_min - amount is below minimum, unable to complete transaction
  • refunded - transaction refunded, see Refund Status
  • incomplete - uncommon coin issue, unable to complete your transaction

Refund Status

  • none - transaction not refunded
  • completed - money sent to refund address
  • below_min - amount is below minimum, unable to refund
  • no_address - no refund address specified, contact support for refund
  • incomplete - uncommon coin issue, unable to refund your transaction